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The Inked by Elle Story

Inked by Elle was started in 2017 after Elle took her first calligraphy class in Boston, MA. At first, her Instagram was a way for her to showcase and practice her lettering techniques. Soon after - friends, family and others started to take note and would ask her to do lettering projects for them here and there. Today, Elle is working with clients around the country to add a little ink to their special event or every day. Elle also joined a team of calligraphers called Sip & Script as an instructor in the Fall of 2019. When she is not working or creating, she is most likely spending quality time with her family, watching Netflix or Youtube, curling up with a good book, or finding a new recipe to try.


Inked by Elle's mission is to spread the joy of hand lettering, encourage the appreciation of art within our community, and support others in any way we can through positivity and inclusivity. No matter who you are, there is always room for you at our table.

Inked by Elle would not exist without the love and support of our community. We are always looking for ways to give back to others. Please let us know how we can do the same for you!

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